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Dmitry Berdyanskyy's expert opinion

"From the early childhood I had a fascination for the secrets hidden within the watch. How many of them I had "repaired", I can't even say, but still clock hands on the dial had never disappointed me, inspiring my curiosity instead. I can spend hours admiring the gold wheels, springs, buttons and engravings on the case.

I think, I was born with an understanding of the true value and beauty of watches. My future path was defined by thirst for learning the art of micromechanics from hundreds of scientific books."

Dmitry Berdyanskyy,
President of
Crystal Group Ukraine

The Investigation of the Graff Boutique Case: Legalized Robbery

April 28, 2016

One and a half years have passed since the resonant Graff jewelry store robbery in Kiev, when the prosecutors, MIA investigators, and soldiers of "SOKOL" elite forces had come allegedly for a search. Law enforcers and soldiers broke into the boutique in the downtown, locked a part of the staff in the office and cracked the safes.

As a result, the jewels of total cost about 2.5 million euros were stolen from the Graff store. In addition, all the funds have disappeared from the safe, the furniture and equipment were severely broken. Nevertheless, the CCTV video of the daring robbery has survived. Kiev Prosecutor's Office had no choice but to launch an inquiry because the outrageously insolent behavior of law enforcement officers caused a great public resonance. The investigation has lasted for the whole year, and in October 2015, the case was transferred to the court. Since then, not a single court hearing on the merits has taken place. Either the judges recused themselves constantly under various pretexts or the defendants in the case skipped the hearings.

Prosecutors behave as if not interested in the triumph of justice. They refuse to give any comments to the media. Such a behavior in court looks like mutual responsibility and deliberate procrastination of the Themis’s judgment in order to finally "bury" the case, according to anti-corruption activists.

The Attorney General's Office claims that its workers, who had been recorded devastating the jewelry store, were fired after the agency check. A pre-trial investigation, which could have brought them to justice, is still going on - although it has already taken a year and a half. The fact that absolutely nothing is happening for such a long time is blatantly shocking. The courts let the criminals go free, encouraging the banditry. Meanwhile, the stolen jewelry has not yet been found and returned to their owner.

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The trial on the GRAFF boutique robbery has been postponed again

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The next hearing on the GRAFF boutique robbery case was appointed on September 19, 2016. For the umpteenth time only the injured party was present: the presiding judge, Belotserkovets O., has taken a forced vacation for this one very day just a morning before. It seems interesting that none of the


Ukraine: visages de la corruption

Ukraine: visages de la corruption

May 27, 2016

Chère Madame Lagarde! Nous sommes désolés que nous sommes forcés à vous adresser mais la situation, avec laquelle nos famille et société se sont trouvées face à face pendant deux ans, reste dans une impasse, et il semble que sans votre assi