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About Crystal Group Ukraine

Since 1996 the Crystal Group Ukraine Company has been the world best known watch and jewelry brands representative in Ukraine. The outstanding features of the last are sophistication and luxury. The company presents distinguished as to their artistic and technical design works, which can be called real pieces of art. Their rich history has been built for decades or even centuries of forming and developing. We thoroughly choose ideal from the best, but our ultimate aim is sensitive and immediate reaction to the demands of every single customer.

Dmitry Berdyanskyy,
the president of
Crystal Group Ukraine

Dmitriy Arkadievich
Crystal Group Dragon
Jean-Claude Biver

Jean-Claude Biver,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hublot watch company

Let your business be profitable in Ukraine, as well as to the watchmakers in Switzerland, who absolutely confide their reputation to your company.

Maximilian Busser

Maximilian Busser,
CEO of MB&F watch company

I have had a great pleasure to work with Dmitry Berdyanskyy, owner of Crystal Group Ukraine, for more than ten years now, and extremely rarely one may find a person more enthusiastic and knowledgeable about horology in the distribution world!

Jorg Hysek

Jorg Hysek,
Co Founder SLYDE Watches

As a designer, I always favour passion and freedom, two points that I share with Dmitry, an exceptional person whom I have known since more than 15 years. The choice of Crystal Group was an evidence for distribution of Slyde in Ukraine.

Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner,
Co-founder of Urwerk watch company

Dmitry is a person with a style. You cannot miss him when he enters the room. He knows what he wants and he wants the best. We are proud to work with him and to be one of the very few independent watchmakers to be represented by Crystal Group Ukraine.

Andy Sogoyan

Andy Sogoyan,
founder and president of IceLink watch and jewellery company

IceLink has been working very closely with Crystal Group from 2008. We’re satisfied with our partnership. We feel that Crystal Group represents IceLink very positively in their region. Their team is professional and knowledgeable, yet work on a friendly level. We hope to continue our successful relationship for many years to come

Marc A. Hayek

Marc A. Hayek,
CEO of Breguet and Blancpain companies

Breguet and Crystal Group Ukraine have a successful collaboration for 8 years now. Their knowledge of high-end horology and understanding of its distribution has contributed to developing this tight relationship.

Pascal Raffy

Pascal Raffy,
CEO of Bovet watch company

Thanks to your culture and ability to appreciate beauty, you are the company with real ambassadors of high art connecting it so enthusiastically with our life today.

Jerome Lambert

Jerome Lambert,
CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre watch company

I see with optimism in the future of partnership with the Crystal Group Ukraine and I’m sure that our success will continue, even if sometimes economical restraints may come up, on the Ukrainian market. A stabile and professional company as Crystal is always a guarantor to further develop our brand on the market.

Mr.Oriol Oliveras Bagues

Mr.Oriol Oliveras Bagues,
CEO of Masriera jewelry company

Crystal Group Ukraine represents the excellence, understanding the world ofjewelry as a universe of creativity, beauty and art.

Pierre Jacques

Pierre Jacques,
CEO of De Bethune

It’s a huge pleasure to share the same passion for watchmaking with Dmitry Berdyanskyy. Specially with a man of great taste.

Olivier R. Müller

Olivier R. Müller,
CEO of Laurent Ferrier

We at Laurent Ferrier are very proud to work with Crystal for our Ukrainian retailing. Crystal understands how to convey our image and values of high-end, hand-crafted, Swiss made chronometrical time pieces. We hope our collaboration will grow and establish itself in the long term.