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Autore Jewelery - Pearl of the South Seas

Jewelry house Autore was founded in 2005 in Australia by the king of world pearls, Italian Rosario Autore. The Autore empire owned Australian pearl farms that grew over 300,000 pearls a year. The best of the best pearls have never been sold on international markets since 2005, but have remained with the company for use in Autore's own jewellery.

Now Autore is a trendsetter in the field of pearl jewelry. Pearls are always used in Autore jewelry, along with precious stones and metals, and there are few jewelers in the world who can match the brand's jewelers in their skill in representing pearls and designing jewelry with them.

Each collection of Autore jewelry is different from the previous one, and no matter what the collection is dedicated to: cities of the world, nature, flowers, in each jewelry you can feel the breath of the South Seas, expressed in pearls.

Autore jewelry is not for everyone. These are jewelry for ladies from high society. Autore earrings, pendants, necklaces and rings are worn by Selena Gomez, Sarah Jessica Parker and Halle Berry. Autore jewelry is Angelina Jolie's favorite jewelry.

Jewelers of the brand do not try to collect identical pearls in one piece of jewelry. On the contrary, each pearl is unique and is served in a frame of diamonds, which serve only as a backdrop for its presentation.