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The Bellduc brand is a non-public jewelry company. The history of the Bellduc brand began in 1536. Bellduc jewelery preserves a five-century tradition of creating luxurious accessories worthy of the crowned heads. Creating exquisite accessories, Bellduc brand designers use rare and amazingly beautiful gemstones: diamonds, Kashmir sapphires, Burmese rubies, Paraiba tourmalines, fire opals, tanzanites, Conch pearls, spinel. The stones that are selected by the jewelers of the Swiss jewelry house for Bellduc jewelry are valued not so much for their carat as for their exceptional beauty. Most of the stones that are the centerpiece of Bellduc accessories are rare minerals that will inevitably rise in price over time. Therefore, the purchase of Bellduc jewelry can be evaluated as a good investment.

A number of Bellduc jewelry was created thanks to the collaboration between the owner of this brand and the Vice President of Crystal Group, gemologist and designer Ekaterina Timofeeva. These unique pieces are designed for our women who deserve the most luxurious accessories.