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Bovet watches – watches with 200 years of history – have always been famous for the filigree engraving of dials, cases, reliable and precise mechanisms. Since the beginning of the 19th century, watches of this brand have been entrenched in the image of luxury elite watches of premium class. Now, in the 21st century, Swiss Bovet watches have retained this idea of ​​themselves and many watch lines are the object of desire for watch collectors.

A distinctive feature of modern Bovet watches is a transformer case, which allows not only to wear the watch on the wrist, but also to use it as a pocket watch. Bovet watches are often decorated with pearls and precious stones, the cases are made of precious metals, so most of the models are bright representatives of classic watch design. Recently, however, the Swiss brand has partnered with Italian automotive design studio Pininfarina to launch several Bovet Pininfarina watch collections with a more modern mechanical design aesthetic.