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Original swiss watch Breguet

The legendary Breguet watch. Breguet watches have a huge history - these watches have been produced for about 250 years. Breguet watches were worn by kings and queens of Europe, Russian tsars. The French revolutionary Marat, Emperor Napoleon, and after him King Louis XVIII were the patrons of the inventor and founder of the watch brand Abraham Louis Breguet.

Throughout the existence of the Breguet manufactory, thousands of inventions have been made and implemented, dozens of which are still used by modern watchmakers. Even only two of them, self-winding, which is present in most movements, and the tourbillon, an exquisite device in exclusive watches, deserve Breguet's name to be embossed in golden letters in the history of watchmaking.

Breguet clock today

Swiss Breguet watches have always been a sign of respectability and success. And the reliability, precision and durability of Breguet movements have been and remain the standard of watchmaking.

The modern watch collections of Breguet Classique and Breguet Classique Complications include watches of classic design - a recognizable round case, the external simplicity and elegance of which hides impeccable watch movements. The Breguet Heritage collection (heritage) practically continues the classic Breguet collections, but at the same time they are made in an elongated "barrel" case. These watches are intended for representatives of high society: the political, business and cultural elite.

The Breguet Marine collection is a modern take on a series of watches that Abraham Breguet supplied to the French Royal Navy. Marine watches are designed for sports people who lead an active lifestyle. They have a high degree of security and ergonomic design.

The Breguet Type XXI is the heir to the pilot's watches that the Breguet watch house created in the 1950s for the French Air Force. These watches have the highest degree of security and a huge power reserve, and, like almost all Breguet watches, have become cult among true watch connoisseurs.