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Breitling watches – elegant precision and style!

Breitling watches are watches of the old Swiss watch house Breitling, which dates back to 1884. From the very beginning of its existence, Breitling watches have gained fame due to the accuracy of their movements: chronographs and stopwatches of this watch brand were popular in the sports community and among doctors, as they were exceptionally convenient for measuring the pulse of patients.

Breitling watches have always been famous for their innovation. As far back as the beginning of the 20th century, Breitling mechanical watches had a power reserve of 8 days. Astronaut Scott Carpenter. who flew into space in 1962 had a Breitling Navtimer watch on his hand, equipped with a 24-hour dial (since it is impossible to distinguish between day and night in space). For Sean Connory (Agent 007) in the movie Thunderball, a special version of the Breitling Top Time watch with a working Geiger counter was made. In 1985, the Breitling Aerospace line of watches with two LCD displays, far ahead of its time and technology, was introduced. And in 2015, the Breitling Exospace B55 watch already had the ability to pair and interact with a smartphone.

The CrystalGroup company is the official representative of the Breitling watch house and in our catalog you can choose, order or buy the watch model you are interested in.