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Brumani jewelry - the heat of South American nights

Brumani earrings, pendants, pendants and rings - luxurious, colorful and bright jewelry of the Brazilian jewelry house Brumani, created in 2005 by brothers Eduardo, Emerson and Rodrigo Bruner and partnership , specializing in the release. Despite the brand's youth, Brumani has very serious roots in the jewelry business, as the brand grew up in an enterprise organized in the middle of the 20th century by jewelers from Italy and Germany who moved to Brazil during the Second World War.

Brazil is a country that has its own mining of precious stones and therefore Brumani jewelers can work with precious stones, creating real works of jewelry art.

Brumani jewels are the breath of the Pacific Ocean, the heat and sun of South America, the fairy tale of Rio De Janeiro and the cheerfulness of Brazilian carnivals.