Carrera Y Carrera jewelry has long been known to connoisseurs of jewelry. The luxurious design of Carrera Y Carrera is easily recognizable. Miniature sculptures are often used in products, which has become the hallmark of the brand. In addition, specialists use a combination of different textures of gold - a matte and shiny surface, which makes the jewelry more expressive.

Original Carrera Y Carrera jewelry is created by the world's most famous Spanish jewelry company. It has been leading its history since 1885. As the official supplier of the Spanish royal house, Carrera Y Carrera is popular with world famous celebrities.

The jewelers of Carrera Y Carrera are inspired by the beauty of nature and the harmony of love. Plant and animal motifs are played in the brand’s thematic collections of jewelry, the legendary Las Manos line pays tribute to the beauty of women’s hands, and the famous Eden, glorifying the sensuality of Adam and Eve, deserved the slogan “Love embodied in gold”.

Carrera Y Carrera jewelry is always up-to-date and original. Designers capture the demands of fashion while remaining true to high jewelry traditions. Carrera Y Carrera accessories are of impeccable quality, they are a sign of refined taste.