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Clan de Vega jewelry was originally created for period film characters in the 1940s. The workshop of the film studio “Chinecitta” has developed and implemented decorations for the heroes of the films. Neo-realism was in vogue then. The love of the audience for the cinema caused an increase in the popularity of Clan de Vega jewelry among the Italian nobility.

Later, on the basis of this workshop, the Clan de Vega company itself was created. Its revival after a lull caused by the global economic crisis of the 70s is associated with the designer Giovanni Sforza. As a result of his activities, the Clan de Vega brand is now a successful closed-end jewelry company. Designed in the 21st century, Clan de Vega jewelry is an organic fusion of historical traditions and modern jewelry techniques.

Since this brand does not create mass product lines, but focuses on original exclusive jewelry, precious stones are very carefully selected and meticulously processed. For each accessory, Clan de Vega designers look for the most spectacular combination of mineral shades and their shapes, so that the decoration is worthy of the most demanding owner or owner.