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De Grisogono watch - collection watch

Swiss jewelery house De Grisogono launched its first collection of expensive luxury men's watches Instrumento Uno in 2000. The collection sold out almost instantly. This success was facilitated by a relatively small but very turbulent history of the life of the De Grisogona brand and its owner and founder of high-class jeweler Fawaz Gruosi. Fawaz Gruosi made a name for himself and his company with black diamond jewelry, establishing himself as a brilliant jewelry designer.

Almost every year since 2000, the De Grisogono brand has released new limited watch collections, each featuring different watch complications and innovations: the Women's Instrumentino watch, the Instrumento Doppo watch with two time zones, based on the concept mirror camera, minute repeater Occhio Ripetizione Minuti, square watches with a strict design of Instrumento Grande, as well as many other collections, each of which amazed connoisseurs of watchmaking art.

However, in 2020, De Grisogono went bankrupt. Bankruptcy was by no means connected with the failure of the watch business or the jewelry business. Vice versa. The reason was allegations of corruption in the family of the daughter of the former President of Angola, Isabel dos Santos, who since 2012 has become a co-owner of De Grisogono.

The De Grisogono Swiss watch has become truly collectible, as there are very few copies left unsold at the moment in the world. The cost of such watches only increases with time.

Ex post: In 2022, the De Grisogono brand was bought out by the Dubai real estate company DAMAC, which decided to enter the luxury market, so you can expect new collections of De Grisogono watches to appear soon, however, the De Grisogono Instrumento Uno, De Grisogono Intrumentino and others collections will remain collectible forever.