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The Giorgio Visconti brand is the brainchild of a talented Italian master, Giorgio Visconti, who was educated in the capital of France. The company was founded in 1946 and is still located in Valenza, the northern center of the jewelry art of Italy.

In the 21st century, the Giorgio Visconti brand is not just an international brand, but a benchmark in the Italian jewelry industry.

Every day, Giorgio Visconti presents several collections of fine jewelry to the public. Distinctive characteristics of the brand – commitment to a certain, easily recognizable style. Giorgio Visconti’s accessories combine classic features with bold adherence to modern trends. Jewelry looks amazingly elegant, harmonious and soft.

The clarity of lines, the use of magnificent stones and their filigree processing, the play of contrasts – especially black and white – are the characteristic features of exquisite jewelry from Giorgio Visconti.

Designers of the Jewelry House are of the opinion that evening and daytime accessories should be radically different. Giorgio Visconti decorations for special occasions are quite large items, luxurious and bright. Giorgio Visconti’s daytime jewelry stands out for its elegance and discreet sophistication.

Exclusivity, great design, impeccable quality, attention to detail – these are the foundations of Giorgio Visconti’s popularity among sophisticated connoisseurs of jewelry all over the world.