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Glycine watches are Swiss luxury watches with a rich history. Founded in 1914 in Bienne, Switzerland by the talented watchmaker Eugene Meylan, the Glycine company began by making miniature ladies’ watches in precious metal cases and decorated with precious stones. However, the production of men’s watches began almost immediately. The company was one of the first to launch a self-winding mechanical watch. It happened in 1931.

Glycine watches are produced in limited series, many of which have become iconic and are highly valued by watch collectors. During the Second World War, Glycine produced two such, now iconic, lines of watches Glycine KMU 48 and Glycine Incursore, which were distinguished by increased durability and water resistance. This watch was supplied to combat swimmer units in Italy. In 1953, during the rapid development of civil aviation and international and intercontinental flights, a watch from another cult line Glycine Airman, which had the function of showing time in several time zones, was presented for the first time. Airman was designed specifically for military and civilian pilots.

Nowadays, Glycine watches are limited edition luxury watches that are usually produced in large cases. Due to its unsurpassed reliability and exceptional accuracy, Glycine watches are very popular among travelers, divers, athletes and pilots.