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HW watches (Harry Winston)

Harry Winston watch is a watch from an American company that specializes in the production of jewelry and precious products for high society. Since its founding by the talented jeweler Harry Winston in 1932, the company has been engaged only in the production of precious jewelry. However, since 1989, when the first line of Harry Winston watches appeared, HW watches have been one of the important elements of jewelry that the brand has been dealing with. Harry Winston’s approach to watches is this: a watch is a precious piece of jewelry.

Therefore, most often, the same attitude towards Harry Winston watches and their owners: watches are carefully stored in home and bank safes, wearing only in exceptional cases on occasion of any celebrations.

HW watch collections (Harry Winston)

HW Ocean watch is a collection of watches with a gold case and a crocodile leather strap. The collection includes diving and tourbillon watches, as well as dual time, retrograde, GSM and moon phases.

HW Ocean Diver watch is a limited collection of Zalium dynamic chronographs with water resistance up to 200 meters, released as part of the previous HW Ocean line. The hands with luminescent coating and dials with excellent legibility are the distinguishing features of this collection.

HW Project Z watches are a collection with cases made of high-tech Zalium material – an alloy of aluminum and zirconium. This ultra-light and super-strong alloy is hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t corrode.

HW Jewels That Tell Time watch is a collection encrusted with white diamonds.

HW Opus watches are a collection of the most technically sophisticated products, works of watchmaking art, very unusual watches. White gold, round and rectangular cases with offset dials and linear indication.