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IceLink watches – watches for the famous and the rich

IceLink is an American watch brand that specializes in producing the most outrageous watches with Swiss movements, in which the owner’s luxury and wealth are not hidden at all. On the contrary, IceLink watches are, first of all, a precious piece of jewelry, and not just a watch.

This is not a boring watch for a businesswoman or a politician who does not want to clearly advertise their wealth and position in society. These are watches for celebrities shocking the public: actors, musicians, singers. Celebrity watches. For those who are not shy to say: “Yes! I’m rich! I’m successful!”. IceLink watches are worn by Timati, Stallone, Paris Hilton and Carlos Santana.

The famous massive models of watches IceLink 6TimeZone cannot be confused with any other watch even from afar.

In “Crystal” boutiques, you can always pick up and try on the necessary IceLink watch model.