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Jewellery Judith Ripka: bracelets and earrings, necklaces and rings are the jewels of the young jewelry brand Judith Ripka. This company was established in 1977. Brand founder Judith Ripka was born, raised and creates in New York, the city that she considers the best in the world.

The style in which Judith Ripka jewelry is made is often referred to as European vintage. The designer herself claims that many components are intertwined in her works. These are the traditions of the Italian school of jewelry art, and Hollywood fairy tales, and the passion of American women for large jewelry, and the most modern material processing techniques.

A distinctive feature of Judith Ripka jewelry can be considered a special alloy, which is developed by the company, the so-called green gold, the shade of which is in perfect harmony with any skin color.

Judith Ripka’s jewelry filigree combines classic forms and modern reading, multicolor and monochrome. These products are both luxurious and simple to the point of elegance. Jewelry from Judith Ripka is versatile – they can be safely worn with jeans, as well as with a business suit or evening dress.

Judith Ripka jewelry is very popular. They are chosen by many celebrities. Among them are the spouses of US presidents Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, supermodel Cindy Crawford, actresses Nicole Richie, Naomi Watts and Lindsay Lohan, reality show star Kim Kardashian and many other famous women.