Годинники Longines
Longines watches are Swiss luxury watches. A collection of original Longines branded watches in Kyiv and Ukraine in the Kristall watch stores.

Longines Swiss watches - refinement and reliability

Longines watches are a Swiss brand with more than 180 years of history, rich in achievements and records in watchmaking. Suffice it to recall that Longines watches were the official chronometers at all the world's most significant sports competitions, and Longines made a massive transition from pocket watches to wrist watches back in 1905, which required a complete change in the production process. It is worth noting that the mass production of pocket watches by other watch brands continued until the middle of the 20th century.

Main collections of Longines watches:

Longines Elegance watch collection:

Longines DolceVita watch - A sophisticated and stylish women's watch for those who love life and know how to enjoy beautiful things.

Longines PrimaLuna - women's watch collection. A tribute to femininity, mystery and charm.

Longines Symphonette watch - women's collection. Miniature watch with an original, diamond-set ellipse-shaped case with a thin, elegant strap. Symphony of perfect harmony.

La Grande Classique de Longines watch. A collection of watches with the traditional classic design of Longines.

Longines Presence watch is a collection of those same Longines watches with a leather strap, which became famous for their sophistication and minimalism, which at one time became a sign of the status of their owners.

Longines Flagship Watch -. A collection of Longines watches whose main features are gold, precious stones and Swiss precision and reliability.

Longines Lyre - A collection of watches dedicated to the gracefulness of such a musical instrument as the lyre.

Longines Agassiz watch is a jubilee collection of Longines watches, released for the 150th anniversary of the brand. The watch case is made of gold. The collection is designed for both female and male audiences.

Longines Watcmaking tradition:

The Longines Master Collection is a basic collection of Longines watches in a steel case with an alligator leather strap. Watches from the collection have a mandatory winding function.

Longines Record watch is a traditional collection of Longines watches with a steel case, equipped with a single-chip silicon spring.

Longines Concquest Classic is a classic sports collection of Longines watches.

The Longines Elegant Collection is a sleek and stylish collection of elegant Longines watches in rose gold and diamonds.

Longines evidenza is a classic collection based on the 1925 model range. The watch case is metal barrel-shaped with a stainless steel bracelet or an alligator leather strap.

The Longines Saint-Imier Collection is a Longines Saint-Imier watch with mechanical calibers dedicated to the first Longines factory in Saint-Imier.

Longines Sport Collection:

Longines Conquest is a sporty collection of elegant Swiss watches from Longines in a steel case.

Longines Hydro Conquest - A Longines Automatic diving watch with a steel case, water resistant up to 30 ATM.

Longines Heritage watches - the translation of this word is "Heritage". The Longines Heritage collection is designed as a tribute to pioneers and trailblazers around the world.