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Mimi jewelry - the luxury of Italy and the magic of the East

The first collection of Mimi jewelry was presented in 2000 by Italian designer Giovanna Brogian. Giovanna was already a well-known jeweler and designer by that time - she created the Milano collection for the famous Japanese jewelry house Mikimoto, built on the concept of "pearls in motion".

Mimi's first jewelry collection also featured pearls. Jewelry consisted of unusual combinations of pearls and precious and semi-precious stones: aquamarine, agate, quartz, amethyst, rock crystal. Mimi means "beauty" in Chinese. This name was not given by chance, the collection was sold in Mikimoto jewelry boutiques, open on all continents of the world, and whose jewelry buyers associated with Japan and China. Mimi jewelry was an extraordinary success, and now the brand has the same name as the first collection.

Now, pearls are not necessarily, although often used in Mimi jewelry, but unusual combinations are a distinctive feature of the jewelry of this jewelry house.

Pearls and diamonds, agate and smoky quartz, amethyst and jade with gold or silver - Mimi rings, earrings and necklace bring Italian medieval luxury and charming magic of the East.

This connection became possible thanks to the design talent of Mimi jewelers, who are able to create absolutely harmonious combinations of delicate colors, symbolizing the refined grace of the East, and bright, sometimes even catchy shades, demonstrating the magnificence of the Italian doges.