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Actually, Panerai watches are Swiss watches with Italian roots. The design workshop of the company is still located in Italy, and the production facilities are in Switzerland. To date, all Panerai watches have their own movement, but this has not always been the case.The Panerai brand traces its history back to 1860, when Giovanni Panerai opened a watchmaking workshop and school for watchmakers in Florence. From that moment until 1993, Panerai produced only a few thousand chronometers, as it was an exclusively narrow-profile Italian brand specializing in the production of high-precision optical instruments for the Italian Navy, as well as military structures of other states. Panerai owns patents for two luminous chemical compositions: Radiomir (early 20th century) and Luminor (1949), which made it possible to create chronometers unique for their time for the Italian special forces.

Panerai Radiomir chronometers had a large (47 mm) case with a dial that glowed for a very long time in the dark and in the depths of the sea, and were used by Italian combat swimmers before, during and after World War II. Panerai Luminor watches, the first copies of which entered the military units of Italy in 1950, received, in addition to a luminous dial, an 8-day Rolex movement and a unique design of a waterproof crown.

All Panerai developments, including watches, until 1993 were secret, made by the piece, and that is why such a small number of watches have been created over more than 130 years.

Since 1993, the Panerai brand has been part of the "Richemont" group specializing in luxury goods, and Panerai watches have finally hit the open market and become available to connoisseurs of watchmaking art. However, even now Panerai watches are produced in small limited series and it is extremely difficult to find identical watches.

Famous Panerai watch series:

  • Panerai Radiomir
  • Panerai Luminor

Are there Panerai watches for women?

Panerai watches are exclusively men's military or sporty watches. There are no Panerai watch lines for women.