Ручка Parker

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Parker pens - legendary fountain pens and ballpoint pens

Perhaps there is no more famous pen than the Parker pen. With these pens, great works were written, dozens of peace agreements, hundreds of thousands of trade agreements worth trillions of dollars and thousands of billions of letters were signed. The surrender acts of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in 1945 were also signed with Parker pens, as were the hundreds of millions of letters that were written by American and British soldiers during World War II.

The Parker gold pen is a premium class pen, which, together with a Swiss watch, is strongly associated as an indispensable attribute of a successful person, be it a man or a woman, a sales agent or a military man, a diplomat or a business owner.

Parker pens are famous for their design, exceptional reliability and durability. The slogan of the Parker Pen Company for more than 100 years since the time of the founder George Parker has been: "There is always an opportunity to make the pen even better."

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