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Percossi Papi Jewelry – amazing Roman Baroque jewelry by Italian artisan Diego Percossi Papi. The jeweler’s workshop is located in the very heart of Italy – in Rome, very close to the Pantheon.

Percossi Papi earrings, bracelets and necklaces are made of traditional materials: precious stones and precious metals, and, most importantly, colored enamel made according to old recipes. Percossi Papi jewelry carries the spirit of the late Middle Ages, when the Renaissance turned into a light Baroque.

Diego Percossi Papi’s master craftsmanship is recognized by the fact that his jewelry is used on the set of many historical films. Percossi Papi earrings and necklaces are worn by noble ladies, including the Queen in the film “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”, filmed in 2008. The film, by the way, received an Oscar for costumes and decorations.