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Roberto Coin Jewelry are works of the finest jewelry art. The house of Roberto Coin has been located in the jewelry capital of Italy - the city of Vicenza since its foundation.

Roberto Coin Venetian Style

Roberto Coin's accessories are inspired by the culture and art of medieval Italy, yet look remarkably modern. Jewelers of the Roberto Coin trademark delicately combine the carved textures of gold in their creations, weave the thinnest web of this metal, play with the shapes and colors of precious stones.

Roberto Coin Diamond Light Splash

The Roberto Coin brand has set a new standard for diamond cutting - Cento. In some jewelry, Roberto Coin does not use classic stones with 57 facets, but 100 facets cut using its own technology. Thanks to this innovative technique, Roberto Coin jewelery shines especially expressively.

Roberto Coin jewelry collection

Several collections of jewelry from Roberto Coin have become classics.

Palazzo Ducale is a collection that plays on the architecture of the Doge's Palace in Venice. Decorated with the symbolic quatrefoil, the Roberto Coin ornaments refer to the carved decoration and gilded stucco of this Italian Gothic monument. Rings, necklaces, earrings from the collections of Palazzo Ducale by Roberto Coin are incredibly elegant. They look airy, despite the impressive weight of gold and stones.

Princess Flower - a collection that pays tribute to the skilled craftsmen who adorned the outfits of the crowned heads. A variety of jewelry from this collection emphasize femininity, look fresh and original.

Animalier - a collection of elegant three-dimensional jewelry created by jewelers Roberto Coin, representing graceful and touching and, at the same time, symbolic representatives of the animal world.