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Seiko watches - Japan's successful sophistication

Seiko watch is the first watch manufacturer to produce its own watch in the Japanese islands back in 1892. Seiko is short for the Japanese "Seikosha" (House of Fine Workmanship). In modern transcription, "Seiko" is consonant with the Japanese concept of "refinement" and "success".

Seiko gained worldwide fame in the 1970s with the introduction of the first SEIKO Quartz ASTRON quartz wristwatch, which revolutionized the watch market and the Swiss monopoly. However, Seiko mechanical watches and chronographs are especially popular among connoisseurs of watchmaking art, many of which have been reissued in limited editions multiple times.

Main Seiko watch collections:

Seiko Sports Watch is a collection of mechanical sports watches with chronograph and self-winding, which was launched in 1969 and was designed based on the Olympic Games 1964 in Tokyo, where Seiko first became the official timekeeper. The Seiko Sports watch featured increased water resistance and water resistance (up to 70m), as well as a durable stainless steel bracelet.

Seiko Astron watches is the very famous collection of Japanese quartz watches that tore apart the watch market and knocked Swiss brands off their pedestal. In 1969, when the Seiko Astron was first introduced, it featured the Caliber 35A movement, which had an accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per month that was unsurpassed for that time. The clock could work without changing the battery for a whole year, which at that time was unprecedented! The line does not stand still, and now at the beginning of the 21st century, the new Seiko Astron is a solar-powered watch with GPS with an accuracy of +/- 1 second in 100,000 years.

Seiko Kinetic Watchis a collection of watches built on a completely new, innovative Kinetic technology, the essence of which lies in the fact that the mechanical vibrations from the movement of the watch wearer's hands are converted into electrical energy, which powers the quartz movement. Autoquartz is another name for this technology. Such watches practically do not require winding.

Seiko currently produces watches with mechanical, solar, quartz, and Kinetic calibers.