Оберег Шамбала

Shamballa bracelet - a precious talisman

Shambhala, according to the legends and stories of Tibetan monks, is a mythical state lost in the mountains of Tibet, which stores extremely valuable knowledge for mankind. Many looked for a way to it, but no one found it. However, Tibetan monks weaved and are now weaving amulets of straps and ropes, knot weaving, each knot in which has a certain meaning.

The Shambhala bracelet is an amulet that protects its owner from ill-wishers, sidelong glances, negative emotions. This is an amulet that fills life with health, positive energy, gives strength and beauty.

Gem and pearl Shamballa bracelets first appeared in 1994 thanks to Mark Kornerup, designer and founder of the eponymous brand. He was seriously engaged in meditation and yoga, and it was he who came up with the idea to complement the nodular talisman of Shambhala with precious stones, gold and beads. Moreover, the idea was not in the mass production of the same type of bracelets, but, on the contrary, in the uniqueness and symbolism of each individual instance of the bracelet.

Since then, Shamballa bracelets have gained immense popularity all over the world. This is, perhaps, the only precious jewelry of its kind, which is both a talisman and a talisman.

The Shamballa bracelet is worn by the Beckham couple, Demi Moore, Michelle Obama, and many other celebrities.