How many years of international warranty does the watch have?

  • Depending on the brand, there is a 2 to 5 year international warranty.

How many years does the international warranty go on jewelry?

  • All jewelry comes with a 2 year international warranty.

Do you repair/service watches and jewelry from brands you don’t represent?

  • No, we don’t. We only serve brands that we officially represent.

What is the delivery time for a custom order of watch parts/accessories?

  • 5-7 months subject to 100% prepayment.

What is the delivery time for custom watch and jewelry orders?< /h4>

  • 3-4 months subject to 100% prepayment.

Is it possible to order branded products that are not represented in the Crystal Group Ukraine stores?

  • No.

Is it necessary to make an appointment to visit a Crystal Group Ukraine boutique?

  • Yes. We care about the quality of service for each client. In order to maximize the time for each client, please inform us in advance about the visit. Before the visit, please contact the phone number listed on our website and inform about the date and approximate time of the visit.

How do I service a watch or piece of jewelry?

  • Since the Service Center is a Certified Closed Center according to safety requirements, we ask customers to bring their goods to one of our chain stores. After completing the service, please pick up the item from the same store where it was left.
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