Swiss ladies watch

Швейцарские женские часы

Swiss ladies watch is an elegant practical decoration

Watches for women are not the main decoration, but the ability to constantly control the time makes this accessory a must-have in the image of a modern woman. Properly selected, stylish and elegant watches will emphasize the beauty of women’s hands and tell a lot about their mistress, her lifestyle, preferences. Therefore, it is extremely important for a woman that, along with reliability and ease of use, a watch is also an elegant decoration that matches the style of its owner, harmonizes with her image. It is Swiss women’s watches that meet all these criteria.

Swiss women’s watches: material and style

In view of the fact that the appearance of a watch is extremely important for a woman, when choosing, you should pay attention to the material from which the watch case is made, as well as to inlay with precious stones or its absence. Both are required to be chosen based on the lifestyle that a particular woman leads. As for the precious metals in the cases of women’s Swiss watches, any of them are very practical and suitable for any situation: business meetings, travel, or even for some household chores. However, a watch studded with diamonds should not be worn during any active activities, such as diving, active sports, or during house cleaning. To do this, you should choose casual options for women’s watches.

Swiss women’s watch: which size to choose?

In the classic version, the size of the watch is selected according to the girth of the woman’s wrist.

Wrist (mm)Dial size (mm)
 146-158 до 30
 159-171 31-36
172-184 37-41
 185-196 42-46
 197 and more 47 and more

In the Kristall watch boutiques, you can choose a suitable model of women’s Swiss watches, try on and fit a bracelet or strap to your hand if necessary.

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