Third Generation Omega De Ville

The Swiss watch brand Omega has updated its elegant De Ville collection.

Omega De Ville Prestige
Omega De Ville Prestige

Omega De Ville Prestige is the brand’s classic all-round watch. Released 28 years ago, it lingers in the shadow of the popular sports models Seamaster and Speedmaster. It is, however, one of the most important collections of the brand. Omega is now introducing a total Prestige update with six different families, five different sizes and four different movements, all with improved functionality and style.

The name De Ville appeared on the dial of Omega Seamaster watches after the launch of the brand’s trio of professional watches in 1957. This version of the Seamaster was more refined, for “urban” usage or “de ville” in French. As a separate model, De Ville watches were introduced in 1967. Launched in 1994, the Omega De Ville Prestige was marketed as a transition to “contemporary design and sophisticated, chic style”. Starting with the Prestige, several new design elements were introduced, notably the “triple apple” bezel. The collection was first updated in 2012 using certified co-axial chronometer movements. Ten years later, the third generation Prestige is undergoing another stylistic and functional update.

The collection offers a wide range of styles and materials
The collection offers a wide range of styles and materials

First of all, this general update can be seen as a logical technical step and a major improvement. This is the last large part of the Omega collection that has been updated to the Master Chronometer brand standards (for mechanical versions), providing exceptional precision and magnetic resistance (up to 15,000 Gauss) – a transition that has already been implemented for the De Ville Trésor. Essentially, this means moving from movements with the code 2500 to the latest calibers with the code 8000. Of course, the Master Chronometer certification does not extend to the two smaller quartz models; however, their movements are also new, thermally compensated for improved stability and accuracy.

But the 2022 Prestige is not just a technical or functional upgrade, the style of the watch has also been partly updated while retaining the core De Ville Prestige DNA. The case is still thin and features the signature “triple apple” bezel. The dials are decorated with Roman numerals and cabochon indexes. The metal bracelet still has seven links, but much has been improved.

Watch model in Sedna Gold case
Watch model in Sedna Gold case

In the case, the most noticeable evolution concerns the larger diameter of the male models. It has increased from 39.5 mm to 40 mm for time/date models and to 41 mm for small seconds and small seconds/power reserve models. The design has been improved somewhat with slender lines (despite the thicker mechanisms), the lugs have been modernized and tapered, and the crown has been slightly redesigned. From a material point of view, Sedna Gold now replaces the previously used standard rose gold. Thanks to the domed sapphire crystal, the profile of the case has been slimmed down, and the Master Chronometer movements can now be admired thanks to the transparent back.

The women’s model is available in three different sizes: 34mm (automatic), 30mm and 27.5mm (quartz). Quartz models have a metal caseback with a medallion of the God Chronos – the symbol of De Ville Prestige. Dial finishes and colors are available, ranging from radial, two different crystal finishes, an exclusive finish combining a vertical pattern with a radial finish, and a Clous de Bienne finish (only available on gold models). Wide range of dial colors available: Platinum Gold, Rose Silver, Sand Pink, Linen, Moonshine™ Gold, Salmon, Lavender, Sky Blue, Blue, Matcha Green, Pine Green, Dark Green, Violet Maroon, Grey-black. Finally, there are special materials for women’s models, such as snow-white or Tahitian mother-of-pearl.

Exquisite woman's watch on a bracelet
Exquisite woman’s watch on a bracelet

The De Ville Prestige comes on a leather strap or a 7-link metal bracelet. However, the leather straps are narrower and the link width of the metal bracelet has been changed. It is now fastened with a folding butterfly clasp with pushers on the lid instead of a sliding clasp. In men’s models, these cases are rectangular, and in women’s they are curved.

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